etsy store open!

Sweet Potato is a very hungry puppy, but he can't figure out what he wants to eat! On his search, Sweet Potato meets some friends and discovers what they eat. Will Sweet Potato find what he's looking for?
Head to the merylleemade store on etsy to find out!


Today, I finished knitting a new pair of wool socks. I know you can never plan too far in advance for cold weather but it was almost 100 degrees outside today! This pair might have to wait a while to be worn.

new etsy profile pic!

I am now working on getting my Etsy page up and running! My shop will feature handmade children's picture and board books. The stories, illustrations and bindings are all created by me! Today, I worked on a few illustrations for my profile picture and banner. Everything has to look just it has been a slow process. I can't wait to have things ready to open!

new project!

I am currently working on a story involving a moo cow, the ocean, and discovery! More to come!

valentine's day flowers

Tom sent me a beautiful bouquet for Valentine's Day! He is far away and I miss him very much, but tomorrow I get to see him! I am so excited!

melting snow walk

winter in iowa

Winter House

It is Valentine's Day tomorrow and I can't believe how warm it was today! It is 50 degrees outside right now! I painted this winter landscape at Christmas when the snow was crisp and carols were playing. Today I can hear a constant drip from the snow melting outside and the sidewalks are filled with deep puddles. This small taste of spring has made me excited for warm weather, leaves and flowers...will it snow again?